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All of our courses will be held virtually until further notice.Taught by expert instructors, our professional training courses are tailored to ensure the content and format maximize interaction and engagement. Our mission is to build and sustain a talented life sciences workforce with a focus on expansion, opportunity and diversity. Our courses provide individuals with skills and knowledge that enhance career growth and cultivate a broad professional network. View courses and rates on our Course Flyer.

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Course Descriptions & Schedule:

English Coaching For Non-Native Speakers offers coaching for non-U.S.-born life sciences professionals with in-depth training on ways to become more confident communicating inside and outside of their organization. Classes incorporate key soft skills using role plays of common workplace situations that take students out of their comfort zones. Session are scheduled on an individual basis with the instructor. 

Transitioning to Leader, For New Managers provides participants with a clear understanding of the leader-manager they aim to be and the essential skills and strategies to help them get there. Approaches to effective communication and how to foster collaboration among teams, both remotely and in-person are discussed. Participants will also learn the fundamentals for interviewing and hiring, and more.

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Science of Biotech 101 is designed for the non-scientist as a survey of the basic biological processes that are foundational to the biopharma and life sciences industry. You will apply your new understanding of basic cell and molecular biology to the work of most life sciences companies that research and develop therapies and products that improve lives, enhance agriculture, and decrease the dependence on fossil fuels.

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Biotechnology Project Management examines critical aspects of project management, including an overview of the drug development process and regulatory agencies. Participants learn to use tools and strategies for working in a team environment to analyze risk, allocate resources, track projects, resolve conflicts, make decisions, and manage management and teams. Experiential learning labs, class participation, and real-world examples are used to maximize educational learning. We are pleased to announce the renewal of the Workforce Training Direct Access Grant for this course, which enables employees at Massachusetts companies with 100 employees or less to participate at no cost! Learn more here.

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Business of Biotech 101 explores the business considerations that drive company strategies. Students will be provided with foundational information about the BioPharma industry and regulation via instruction, storytelling, and breakout group discussions. Industry ethics will be discussed, with emphasis on historical precedents. The course touches on topics such as market share, phases of development, patient population, and safety profile. A high-level overview of Research and Development, including pre-clinical through market approval will also reviewed.

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Presenting with Persuasion, Clarity & Strength provides professionals key skills to speak in a clear, comfortable, and confident manner. Whether presenting internally or externally, telling your story effectively, delivering meaningful messages, being persuasive, and speaking confidently in a variety of settings takes skill development and practice. The workshop will be interactive, with practice, role playing, and exercises.

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From Molecule to Market: R&D And Regulatory Considerations builds on the business overview of the "Business of Biotech 101” course. This course delivers an outline of Clinical, Regulatory, and Quality considerations and practices. Attendees will be provided foundational information about the BioPharma industry and regulations via instruction, storytelling, and breakout group discussions. Industry ethics will be discussed, with emphasis on historical precedents. The course will explore the decision-making process by touching on relevant topics such as market share and phases of development.

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 All of our programs are:

  • Designed by biotechnology industry experts.
  • Updated every six months to keep pace with scientific advances and government regulations.
  • Presented by practicing professionals who have years of experience in life sciences education or industry


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