Equipment Grants

MassBioEd partners with schools to ensure student access to the equipment needed to bring authentic life sciences to the classroom. Qualifying schools or districts can partner with MassBioEd through the Equipment Grant programs or the TOTE Equipment Lending Program.

Take Out Training and Equipment (TOTE) Lending Program

Take Out Training and Equipment (TOTE) is a lending program designed for schools that do not have the equipment and reagents to bring desired lab activities to their students. TOTE provides teachers who have attended BioTeach workshops with everything needed to deliver activities and labs that engage students in biotechnology techniques and investigations. Through TOTE students have access to molecular models, micropipettes, regents, gel electrophoresis and PCR equipment needed to perform restriction digests, plasmid mapping, PCR, and bacterial transformation. As part of this lending program, a BioTeach Instructor provides remote mentoring to partner schools. Learn more here.

Equipment Grants

MassBioEd offers additional support to middle and high school teachers and their schools with customized grant funding for equipment or consumables that support life sciences-related laboratory activities. Recipient schools are eligible for mentoring from BioTeach Instructors.

Currently, MassBioEd is offering The BioTeach Training and Equipment Grant program, supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific, which helps facilitate hands-on life science lessons in middle and high schools in the New England area. Learn more here.

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