The volunteer shared valuable life experiences with me that have inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams.

Student, NIIMBL Experience

MassBioEd Volunteer Opportunities

Mentoring Adult Apprentices, Ongoing: MassBioEd is currently seeking industry professionals to serve as mentors to apprentices in our Life Sciences Apprenticeship Program. This program trains work-ready adults for jobs in several life sciences career pathways. The program provides intensive, accelerated training followed by a 12-month full-time position at a local biotechnology company. Mentors will be matched in pairs or small groups of apprentices to provide guidance and perspective as they go through their year of on-the-job training.

“Nature of Science” Lessons for Middle Schoolers: Help middle schoolers see themselves as scientists! As part of our ACCESS Program, join us in supporting classroom teachers in making science and science careers accessible to all students. Once in the classroom, one of these short activities will precede the volunteer’s 20-minute talk about their career and how the science and engineering practices highlighted in the activity are also practices found in the industry.

Questions? Contact volunteer@massbioed.org.

MassBioEd’s volunteer programs build a critical bridge between classroom and careers. Volunteers from all areas of the life sciences industry share their experiences and enthusiasm with students considering a career in the life sciences, and adults contemplating a career change or advancement. All professionals from the life sciences industry with various skills and professions are welcome to participate.