MassBioEd recognizes that teachers are one of life sciences’ greatest resources.

Teachers who are well prepared and technically skilled spark student curiosity and ignite student interest in life sciences careers. Our BioTeach program deepens middle and high school teachers’ ability to engage students through lab-centered, inquiry-based instruction. It is here that the foundation is laid for the workforce of tomorrow.

Our teacher professional development programs bring together resources from universities, biotechnology companies, and veteran educators to provide teachers with the knowledge and confidence to implement innovative life sciences labs and share vital career awareness information.

District level partnerships serve students in grades six through 12 in high-needs schools. Scientists and BioTeach educators are embedded into the classroom to implement life sciences lessons based on real-world problems.

BioTeach provides educators with lab equipment and teaching materials combined with intensive professional development incorporating innovative curricula.

Exposure to authentic labs provides students with crucial skills for and insight into the life sciences industry. The student experience is expanded through college and career exploration programs where students interact directly with faculty at universities and employees at life science companies. Beyond this, BioTeach is a robust community of middle and high school teachers, administrators, and academic and industry professionals that promote and support life sciences learning.

Programs and Resources

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“The science teachers and administration would like to extend our sincere thanks for the kind donations of time and materials provided to our staff and students. We are additionally grateful for the use of your laboratory and assistance from your staff in preparing the protein dyes.  We hope that this collaboration will continue. We look forward to the insights we can gain from future trainings.” 

Ayer Shirley Regional High School