BioTalent’s mission is to grow, elevate, and diversify the life sciences workforce. To do this, BioTalent encompasses five main areas:

  • Creating pathways to careers for non-traditional students and job seekers through our Apprenticeship Programs
  • Facilitating career exploration and information for students and adults
  • Offering professional training courses for incumbent workers
  • Hosting the Annual Life Sciences Workforce Conference
  • Providing labor market information

Life Sciences Apprenticeships

To grow and diversify the workforce, BioTalent has launched Life Sciences Apprenticeship Programs that offer streamlined pathways into the industry. The program combines technical training, on-site work experience, and income support. Working with leading life science employers, MassBioEd has designed three apprenticeships – one for Biomanufacturing Technicians, one for Lab Support Specialists, and one for Clinical Trial Associates. All programs enable individuals to obtain foundational knowledge and industry recognized skills, and quickly transition into employment that provides meaningful work, family-sustaining wages, and career growth.

College to Career

MassBioEd is dedicated to developing the region’s life sciences workforce with a focus on expansion, opportunity, and diversity. College to Career brings industry and academia together to provide all students a successful college to career pathway into the life sciences. 

College to Career offers career services from Career Expos, Networking Sessions, Soft Skills Workshops and Job Shadowing events. College to Career also offers support to bring together public colleges and industry. 

Industry volunteers wishing to support College to Career can register on the Compass Collaborative Volunteer Intake form and specify their program interest, and visit the Compass Collaborative platform to view events. 

Life Sciences Career Hub

As our regional life sciences industry grows, so does the need for a skilled workforce, and a region aware of the sustainable career opportunities. That is why MassBioEd has created the new Life Sciences Career Hub.

The Life Sciences Career Hub focuses on training opportunities and career services to help Massachusetts residents gain access to employment in the life sciences.

Professional Training Courses

Our continued learning program offers a wide range of professional development options for life sciences professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills and advance their careers. Held in person and online, these sessions are tailored to ensure quality content and maximize teacher-student interaction. Courses offering business and soft skills, such as project management, communications, and leadership are held year-round.

Career Exploration

Our direct-to-student programs are designed to inspire diverse middle school, high school, college, and adult learners to explore life sciences careers. These experiential events in and outside of the classroom expose students to the wide array of opportunities in the industry by connecting them to professionals from academia and life sciences professions.

We inspire our emerging workforce by bringing career information and exploration opportunities to show students the many possible careers within the life sciences. We connect schools with professional volunteers -our “Career Ambassadors” – who share their own stories about education and career choices. We bring students to companies to meet professionals and get a sense of their work life, and to colleges where they can tour laboratories and learn about different educational pathways.

MassBioEd also offers information and resources to students and career seekers on available internships, career opportunities, scholarships, and other programs. Explore our Students & Career Seekers pages to learn more.

Life Sciences Workforce Conference

The Annual Life Sciences Workforce Conference is uniquely devoted to bringing together the life sciences industry and academia to discuss training of the next generation of leaders. The conference focuses on meeting hiring needs and how industry, government, and academia can work together to build and sustain a strong life sciences workforce in the years ahead.

Labor Market Information

MassBioEd analyzes employment statistics and hiring demand in the life sciences for the purpose of forecasting job trends, identifying skills required for in-demand jobs, highlighting best practices in education and training programs, and serving as an effective guide on the talent and workforce needs for the industry. MassBioEd’s annual Life Sciences Employment Outlook highlights the current trends in hiring.

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