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MassBioEd has created two Apprenticeship programs, one for Biomanufacturing Technicians (BMTs) and one for Clinical Trial Associates (CTAs). These unique life sciences apprenticeships provide accelerated training for individuals to gain foundational knowledge and acquire industry recognized skills. Companies that participate in the apprenticeship programs gain access to a pool of work-ready candidates with skills perfectly matched to employer needs. Individual apprentices will have opportunities for new careers at sustainable wages. View Employer Partners.

Both programs share these essential features:

  • MassBioEd works with employer partners to determine applicant qualifications.
  • MassBioEd recruits and assesses prospective apprentices: then employer partners interview candidates and select participants to invite for on-the-job training.
  • Selected candidates begin the program with a classroom-based, industry-specific curriculum enhanced by soft skills training and general biotech industry overview information.
  • Apprentices transition into on-the-job training at employer partners at apprenticeship wages.
  • When training is complete, apprentices are ready to move into full-time, permanent employment.

For more details, please view our Apprenticeship Program Overview or contact

MassBioEd apprenticeships have been designed in close partnership with leading life science employers, universities and professional associations to be scalable across the industry and across the country. Two new apprenticeships will offer an accelerated training program for individuals to gain foundational knowledge, industry recognized skills and work experience.

Life Sciences Apprenticeship Launch

Join us in celebrating the launch of the first Life Sciences Apprenticeship Program in Massachusetts on September 23rd at 10:30 AM ET! This community event will introduce the first two classes of apprentices and highlight employer partners. We will also hear from key public officials committed to workforce development initiatives, locally and nationally, and other leaders working to build top talent for the industry.

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