Professional Training Courses: Corporate Package Discount Program 


Our Corporate Package Discount Program is designed to simplify, expand, and deepen professional development opportunities for your employees. We offer significant discounts to companies who pre-purchase Professional Training Course credits in volume. Package course rates are deeply discounted in comparison to the individual registration rates. The larger the package of training credits purchased, the deeper the discount. For example, our 2-day Intro to Biotech course typically costs $1,550 for each enrollee. With a Level 1 package, the program would cost just $1,337 per enrollee, with a Level 2 package just $1,267 per enrollee, and with a Level 3 package just $1,190 per enrollee. 

How does it work? Pick a Tier Level

Employees Enroll in the Courses of Their Choice

Your employees can simply select the courses they want to attend from our course catalogue. 

  • Intro to Business of Biotech (4 credits) 
  • Intro to Science of Biotech (4 credits) 
  • Presenting with Persuasion, Clarity & Strength (4 credits) 
  • From Molecule to Market (4 credits) 
  • Transitioning to Leader (4 credits) 
  • Supply Chain Management (4 credits) 
  • Finance of Biotech (4 credits) 
  • Building & Managing a High Performing Team (5 credits) 
  • Accelerated Leadership (5 credits) 
  • Intro to Biotech: Business and Science (7 credits) 
  • Biotechnology Project Management (9 credits) 

MassBioEd Tracks Your Credit Bank 

We will track the credits your employees use from your package. We will provide regular reports on credit usage and work with you to top up credit balances, as needed 


  • Significant discount on course fees compared to individual registrations​
  • Easier budget planning at the start of the year​
  • Maximum flexibility to match team learning needs to courses​
  • Less hassle for HR professionals​
  • One-on-one tracking by MassBioEd internal staff with HR representative at the company

MassBioEd Sponsorship Benefit

Sponsors receive free credits for MassBioEd Professional Training Courses.  Depending on sponsorship level, company receives between 4-20 credits that can be used to enroll employees in any 1-5 day course.

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