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MassBioEd’s 2024 Life Sciences Workforce Conference

Navigating Expansion and Contraction
Building a strong and diverse life sciences workforce for the long game

The annual Life Science Workforce Conference convenes representatives from the life sciences industry, academic institutions, training providers, and community leaders to collaborate in addressing fundamental questions: 

  • What resources can be mobilized to secure a resilient job market and promote workforce diversity for the long term? 
  • How can we come together as a life sciences community to examine and discuss the intricacies and shifts of a fluid labor market?
  • How does the perspective on the 2024 landscape differ from the previous years?

The requirements of the life sciences job market are consistently expanding, and there is a sustained demand for a robust workforce. Despite ongoing shifts in the industry’s landscape, the life sciences sector will persist as a prominent employer and a key economic contributor in Massachusetts. The 2024 MassBioEd Life Science Workforce conference answers the call to convene the life sciences community to examine and discuss the intricacies, shifts and evolving of a fluid labor market.

Conference Highlights

  • Massachusetts Employment Outlook Workforce trends and economic inequities in a competitive market
  • Badging and Microcredentialing Tools to Support Skill-Based Hiring
  • Preparing Students for the Ever-changing Workforce: Building a Co-op program as a bridge between education and industry  
  • DEI Initiative: The State of Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Diversity in Life Sciences Examine the influential shifts of culture and DEI training and how that translates to implementing DEI strategy in the recruitment/hiring process, especially within underrepresented groups
  • Assessing Your System for Equity: Practical Ways to Identify and Evaluate your Systems for Equitable Outcomes

Join your colleagues for a day of immersive brainstorming, networking, engaging keynote presentations by industry leaders, change-making panels and more.