Through the support of donors and sponsors like you, MassBioEd's flagship program, BioTeach has provided workshops and mentorship for more than 750 teachers and authentic lab experiences to more than 150,000 students.

With your donation, you’ll be helping us continue to support life sciences education in public schools across Massachusetts. As a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, we depend on contributors like you to help us provide the lab-based training that our science teachers need to inspire students to embrace the life sciences as a field of study, as well as provide the lab materials and support needed to grow and sustain such programming for years to come.

Your gift to the BioTeach Program will help accomplish the following:

  • $50 – Supports one hour of teacher mentoring.
  • $100 – Funds a substitute for a teacher participating in Biotech Futures.
  • $500 – Secures a bus for students to attend a Career Exploration Day.
  • $1,000 – Sponsors 20 teachers for a professional development workshop.
  • $1,500 – Provides the opportunity for 100 students to explore life sciences careers at a university in Massachusetts.
  • $3,500 – Gives a full year’s supply of lab reagents and supplies to 100 students.
  • $10,000 – Purchases essential equipment for a biotechnology lab at a school.

BioTeach   BioTeach

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Liang Noinala, Student, Tantasqua High School

Liang Noinala

“The feeling of the lab was inspirational. I want to work in a biotechnology lab that deals with medicines. By being in the lab it made me realize that I could get used to working in a lab during college and in my career.”


Forest Henderson, Teacher, Bellingham High School

MassBioEd Teachers

“MassBioEd is the best thing to come along since I started my teaching career many years ago. I have had many students that have chosen Science and Engineering for majors in college based on their experiences with hands on labs and lab equipment donated to our school by MassBioEd. I have benefitted from all the teacher training provided by MassBioEd.”


Haley Miller, Student, Haverhill High School


“I was not interested in a STEM career before the Job Shadow Day, but the day changed my mind. I found the work to be exciting, interesting, and rewarding. The employees that I met had all different backgrounds and still seemed so happy to be there and enthusiastic in their field.” 




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