Career Exploration Programs

MassBioEd's Career Exploration Programs are designed to inspire students to learn more about life sciences higher education and careers. We offer three primary programs, explained below. MassBioEd also works to connect science teachers, guidance counselors, and life sciences industry professionals to build an understanding of the advanced degree programs and the diverse paths to a career in the life sciences.

Career Ambassador Program (CAP)

The Career Ambassadors program is designed to help regional high schools host free by biotechnology professionals and academics to broaden their students’ horizons and encourage an interest in the life sciences. We want to help teachers to inspire and motivate the next generation by providing them with access to industry experts and researchers with unique experiences from their professions.

Through this program, industry volunteers will visit classrooms and share their experiences in the life sciences and their passion for the work they do. These presentations are generally one class period, no more than 50 minutes, and involve a presentation, short activity or demonstration, and Q&A. 

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Biotech Futures (BF)

MassBioEd organizes Biotech Futures events where students and their teachers visit university and college campuses, interact with science and technology faculty and students, and engage in laboratory experiences. Participants learn about the opportunities, wonder, and excitement inherent in college science programs through hands-on experiences and tours of labs, facilities, and campuses. 

Biotech Futures events are held each fall and spring. MassBioEd provides funding for transportation and substitute teacher expenses and manages logistics for the event.

The goal of Biotech Futures is to demystify the college experience, expose students to life sciences fields of study, and encourage students to pursue life sciences education and careers.

2020-2021 Information Coming Soon!

Career Exploration Day (CED)

MassBioEd organizes Career Exploration Days (CEDs) to give regional public high school students the opportunity to experience a connection between the life sciences curriculum they see in their classrooms and the groundbreaking scientific innovation that drives the Massachusetts life sciences supercluster.

During CEDs, students visit industry laboratories and offices to learn about the company’s mission and culture, interact directly with life sciences professionals, participate in science demonstrations, and tour company facilities. Students learn about the range of career opportunities at life sciences companies, including scientific and non-scientific roles. 

These events are hosted annually in April and November. MassBioEd provides funding for transportation and substitute teacher expenses and manages logistics for the event.

Through Career Exploration Days, students considering careers in biotech gain first-hand knowledge of the kinds of activities and responsibilities industry employees engage in on a daily basis.

2020-2021 Information Coming Soon!

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“Thank you for coming to Boston Prep to expose us to materials we do not have access to since we are a poorly funded school. As a future woman in STEM, particularly a woman of color, your efforts are inspiring." Kennie Etienne, Student Boston Preparatory Charter Public School, a TOTE school