Career Coaching

Wherever you are in your journey, career coaching can help you navigate a path into the life sciences.

How can career coaching help you?

  • Navigate a path toward new career and educational opportunities
  • Provide support in developing realistic and achievable goals
  • Build and expand your professional profile
  • Provide valuable resources to empower your choices

What will career coaching look like?

Everyone’s coaching experience will look different. Here is a general overview of the coaching process:

  • Client Intake & Kick-Off
  • Assessment/Survey
  • Development of an Individualized Career Plan
  • Coaching Sessions (1:1 and Group)
  • Alignment and Progress Review
  • Transition & Closing

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Virtual Drop-In Center

The virtual drop-in center is ideal for anyone needing a single focused session for any of the following:

  • Resume Review and Advice
  • Cover Letter Crafting
  • Interview Preparation Support
  • Contemplating a Career Change

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