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Exploring Photosynthesis, Respiration and Enzymes 

(10-25-21, 10-27-21 & 10-28-21 – All Remote)

Do you need more engaging labs to investigate photosynthesis, respiration, and enzymes? Would you like to give your students more opportunities for inquiry-based learning? During each of these sessions, the instructor will demonstrate the lab activity and describe the reagents and equipment used (and possible substitutions).  How to investigate several different variables for each topic will be demonstrated and we will discuss ways to make these labs more student centered.

Photosynthesis (10-25-21) Using the floating disk technique we will do a simple photosynthesis experiment that allows students to gather quantitative data on the effect of light on photosynthesis.

Respiration (10-27-21) Using simple household materials we will set up an experiment to determine the rate of respiration by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide produced by yeast.

Enzymes (10-28-21) We will be testing the effect of several variables on the rate of an enzyme (catalase) reaction using slices of potato.

This series of workshops will be presented via Zoom. Once you have registered a list of materials and reagents will be sent to you so you can be prepared to follow along from home or school. Active participation is not required, but it is much more fun! Participants may attend one or all of the workshops.  (10 PDPs for MA educators who attend all 3 workshops)