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BioBits Protein Structure and Function Lab – Visualizing the link between protein structure and function right at home 

April 26, 3:30 – 4:45 PM and April 27, 3:30 – 5:00PM.

Participate in a remote (via zoom) hands-on workshop using a new kit from miniPCR bio. The BioBits Protein Structure and Function Lab uses fluorescent proteins as a model, to explore a protein’s primary, secondary and tertiary structure and relate those structures to protein function. The kit also allows the expression of these fluorescent proteins using a simple cell-free protocol and the testing and analysis of protein function. This activity serves as an excellent interactive introduction to the levels of protein structure and function, as well as a springboard for discussing more advanced topics such as protein engineering or bioinformatics.

If registering after April 15th, you can experience this workshop as a demonstration.

If registering on or before April 15th, participants will receive kit materials and reagents to complete the lab for the workshop, with enough left over to repeat the experiment as a remote demo for their students.

For registrants who sign up by April 15th and who want to participate in the demos, to complete this activity you need access to the following:

  • P20 pipette and tips
  • P51 viewer OR blueGel + Glow Rack
  • Gel electrophoresis equipment such as blueGel, including casting tray
  • Materials to make and run agarose gels: Buffer, agarose, beaker or flask, microwave, etc.

If you do not have these items, miniPCR or MassBioEd can loan them to you. We have three pick up sites available, one in Arlington, one in Newton, and one in Kendall Square. You will be responsible for dropping off the loaned items or mailing them back to miniPCR using a mailing label that we provide.