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About Shelley

Shelley is an educator at Hampshire Regional High School in Westhampton, MA, where she has taught biology and the school’s life science electives since 2005.

She works with high school students of all levels, and she aims to make biology accessible and significant to all. She especially enjoys revealing students’ sense of wonder and curiosity for the world around them and giving them a place to develop and explore with purpose. An important core value Shelley holds as an educator is to put teaching people above teaching material and to always consider how students will go out and interact with the world around them using what they have experienced in her classroom.

Prior to working at Hampshire, Shelley started her teaching career in the Springfield, MA public schools, where she spent four years teaching middle school science. Shelley holds a B.A. in Biology from Connecticut College and an M.Ed. in Secondary Science Education from UMass, Amherst.