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About Jay

Jay Mettetal is a Director in Early Oncology Bioscience at AstraZeneca, leading the preclinical drug combination strategy, and coordinating AZ preclinical efforts on late-stage programs. He initially joined AstraZeneca in 2013 to build a Modelling and Simulation group focusing on translational safety and ADME. The team heavily supported the oncology portfolio with an emphasis on Quantitative and Systems approaches to common adverse events for single agent and combination therapies. Prior to joining AstraZeneca, he worked at CombinatoRx developing algorithms for identification of optimal combinations, and subsequently held positions at Pfizer in the biologics unit as well as Millennium/Takeda where he was modelling and simulation team leader in DMPK. He earned his PhD in Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology applying quantitative approaches to problems in population heterogeneity and cellular signaling.