Pádraig Deighan

Pádraig Deighan, PhD
Dean, School of Science and Health Associate Professor of Biology, Emmanuel College

Originally from rural Ireland and a first-generation college student, Dr. Deighan obtained a B.A. and PhD from Trinity College Dublin. Following a stint in consultancy Dr. Deighan completed postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School. As the Dean of Science and Health at Emmanuel College, Dr. Deighan works alongside a terrific team focused on establishing and maintaining a culture of inclusive excellence in undergraduate science education. As part of that work Dr. Deighan leads two Massachusetts Life Sciences Center funded programs; PEER->CELLS which prepares undergraduates from backgrounds inadequately represented in the sciences for future careers in the biopharma sector, and Project CERTI, which aims to provide enhanced competency-based training, understanding, and certification, on biopharma-needed laboratory skills and experiences.