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We share in the grief and immense pain of the community of Uvalde, Texas for the loss of innocent lives of students and teachers at Robb Elementary School. As a foundation whose staff is in schools daily, we cannot remain silent in the wake of yet another crime against innocent children and their teachers. This devastation affects us all personally and diminishes all students’ ability to engage in education in any capacity.

On the heels of a mass shooting in Buffalo, this is yet another tragedy that demonstrates the need for drastic changes in our system to prevent future destruction and keep our communities safe.

MassBioEd staff go to schools each day to work alongside other teachers to inspire young minds. Teachers need to feel safe where they educate and nurture our children. Children need to feel safe where they grow, learn, and play. We must all do our part to transform this failed system. Please take this moment to reach out to others and make plans to vote and elect leaders that will take action to end this violence.