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Recent disturbing tragedies have evoked outrage and great sadness, because they have brought out in the open the deep systemic racism and injustice that plagues our country and effects the Black community every day. We are committed to doing more to fight the unfair treatment of our community members of color. 
Black communities have spoken loudly and strongly that Black Lives Matter. We recognize that not enough has been done to fight for change, and that individually and collectively we must speak out and become part of the solution.
Collectively, as an organization we recognize that the educational opportunities we provide across diverse communities are critical to achieving equity, particularly in this time when resources have dwindled but demand has increased. We, at MassBioEd, reaffirm our commitment to creating avenues to prosperous careers in our industry by continuing to open the doors to an ever-expanding diversity of students and adults.
Individually, we know we must do more than speak our indignation. We must understand the realities of privilege, bias and diversity. We must turn our outrage and sadness into small and large acts that will break down the systems and practices that perpetuate injustice. Our words are important, but our actions are the bricks to creating a just and equitable national community.

We welcome your thoughts as we look to do more and do better in achieving sustainable, equal opportunity for future generations.

In solidarity,