Careers in Biotech

BioTeachA career in biotechnology and the life sciences industry gives you the power to make a difference in the world and save lives.

Biotech professionals…

  • Make a difference in the lives of others through drug discovery for the treatment of illnesses
  • Discover ways to address environmental threats
  • Are leaders in agriculture, aquaculture, and food production
  • Are involved in new energy production and waste management
  • Are doctors, nurses, and health sciences professionals
  • Are consultants, educators, lawyers, and government officials

Biotech is an ever-evolving industry-there are always new and exciting discoveries to be made and problems to be solved.

The biotechnology and life sciences industry has become a major employment sector in Massachusetts. This dynamic industry offers a wide range of employment opportunities to address significant challenges facing humankind and our planet. Whether you are interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) or virtually any other subject area there is a role for you in the future of biotech.

Biotech Breakdown:

  • There are 53,253 biopharma employees in Massachusetts (2011)
  •  The average salary of biopharma employees in Massachusetts is $113,364 (2011)

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