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The life sciences is an ever-evolving industry in which there are always new and exciting discoveries to be made and problems to be solved. It has become a major employment sector in Massachusetts, and around the world. This dynamic industry offers a wide range of employment opportunities which allow you to address significant challenges facing humankind and our planet. A career in the life sciences industry gives you the power to make a difference in the world and save lives. Life sciences professionals are:

  • Making a difference in the lives of others through drug discovery for the treatment of illnesses
  • Leaders in agriculture, aquaculture, and food production
  • Involved in new energy production and waste management
  • Doctors, nurses, and health sciences professionals
  • Consultants, educators, lawyers, and government officials

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Expanding Diversity and Access to Careers in the Life Sciences

View the impact of a pilot program launched with Third Room, Massachusetts Rural Schools Coalition, and several biotechnology employers to provide virtual project-based programming to rural K-12 districts in Massachusetts. The Report demonstrates improved engagement by students and a program model that is flexible, implementable, and scalable by schools and employers. Visit Third Room to learn more about how they are reimagining employee volunteer programs to support STEM education and talent pipeline development.