Biotechnology Project Management Course Director Consultant Position

Jun 01, 2020


The Course Director serves as an independent contractor to complete preparation, development, and coordination of the MassBioEd Biotechnology Project Management course. The Course Director leads the development of course content and supervises instructors.


  • Coordinate faculty and teaching schedules.
  • Collaborate with MassBioEd on communications with students and faculty regarding changes in schedule or content.
  • Train teachers and manage general communication with faculty regarding all six classes that comprise the course.
  • Select new teachers with appropriate expertise when needed and recommend their hiring by MassBioEd. Supervise and evaluate their first class.
  • Update basic course materials.
  • Review and update course materials and syllabus before each session as needed.
  • If needed, attend meetings at MassBioEd, as required to address current issues, not to exceed two hours per session.
  • Provide MassBioEd with all up-to-date materials at least 14 days before the start of class.
  • Oversee content and continuity of classes.
  • Ensure that faculty update their own class materials.
  • Provide instructor guidance as needed.
  • Advise MassBioEd when updated written materials need to be added to the course binders.
  • Ensure materials are ordered and reproduced (for in person classes) one month prior to the first day of class, including:
  • Communications styles: Behavioral Style Overview, ordered from Training Associates Press.
  • Communication style surveys ordered from Training Associates Press.
  • Evaluate students.
  • Directly provide students or coordinate with faculty to provide students with appropriate feedback on in-class assignments and presentations
  • Promote and market the course.
  • Includes presentations at meetings, as mutually agreed with MassBioEd not to exceed one hour in length.
  • Encourage enrollment in the course and act consistent with MassBioEd’s interest in offering and promoting the course.


  • 6+ years of experience in project management at a biotechnology or biopharmaceutical firm.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) strongly preferred.
  • 5+ years of experience teaching in an educational capacity strongly preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree required (M.S. preferred).
  • Familiarity with PMI guidelines and other Project Management certifications, such as PMP.

Interested applicants should submit a resume and brief cover letter by applying here:

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