Join our Skills Advisory Group

MassBioEd is committed to help guide the life sciences workforce. On our Job Trends page you'll find substantial information about trends in job listings and projected growth of key life sciences occupations in the coming years.


As helpful as it is to know what these trends are, it's more important to understand what skills are required for growing job categories. We depend on the input from industry experts to serve on our Skills Advisory Group to provide insight on skills connected to jobs in the indusry.  With such insight, we can provide valuable guidance to the higher education and training communities.

Ideally, members of the Skills Advisory Group possess a broad range of knowledge about the skills required of prospective job candidates across a range of scientific and technical fields. To learn about what is required of members in terms of time and talent, view our Skills Advisory Group profile.

For additional information contact Karla Talnian at (617) 674-5131 or