Civic Science Roundtable: A Dialogue About CRISPR Gene editing: Human Therapy or Human Enhancement

Cambridge Science Festival | April 2020Join this Civic Science Roundtable on gene editing and CRISPR that will connect this contemporary, complex and sometimes divisive issue in science, to the personal choices and civic responsibilities by engaging participants in open-minded conversation. 

Participants will first hear a short presentation from a scientist who will cover the methods of human genome editing, what current applications are being developed, and what do we still need to learn about this technology. This overview will be at a level appropriate for a general audience.

The overview will be followed by a facilitated, peer to peer structured dialogue, where participants hear a diverse range of opinions and perspectives about this topic. 

The goals of this Roundtable dialogue are to: 

  1. Create an open conversation about risks, opportunities and benefits of gene editing technologies for different people.
  2. To share a diversity of opinions, life experiences and beliefs related to individual choices that need to be considered when performing gene editing on humans or on embryos.
  3. Learn the science of human genome editing and the societal, personal and ethical questions raised by these applications.

  4. Encourage participants to ask questions of curiosity, listen to understand others and deepen their understanding of the opinions of others on the topic of human gene editing.Learn the science about the potential applications of human genome editing and the societal, personal and ethical questions raised by these applications.

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Wednesday, April 22rd, 2020
12:30 PM - 4 PM


Teacher Professional Development Workshops


700 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

Level of Knowledge

This is a co-sponsored collaboration between Tufts CTSI and MassBioEd, as part of Cambridge Science Festival. This event is open to teachers, parents, coaches and other school administrators, and their students, including young adults (high school age and up). Registration is required.

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