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The BioTeach Take Out Training and Equipment (TOTE) Program is a lending program designed to service smaller schools and for schools that are just beginning to establish a biotechnology lab curriculum.  The TOTE program is open in public high schools in the Greater Boston area.  

TOTE provides teachers with classroom-ready activities and labs that engage students in biotechnology techniques and investigations. As part of this lending program, a BioTeach Instructor provides remote support to partner schools. 

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  1. Reserve your space now by contacting Megan Schulz by phone 617-674-5137 or email
  2. Include the following info along with your check:
    • Event name
    • Type & amount (Member, Non-Member, etc.)
    • Your full name
    • Your email
    • Your phone number
  3. Checks should be made out to: MassBioEd Foundation
  4. Mail your information, the event info, and your check to:

    MassBioEd Foundation
    255 Main Street, Eighth Floor
    Cambridge, MA 02142
    Attn: Megan Schulz

    Email confirmation will be sent once the check is received.

You can find your CVV code here: (Numbers on rear side of credit card to the right of the signature panel) close
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