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BioTeach has worked with dozens of schools throughout Massachusetts to introduce high school students to the life sciences through company-hosted Career Exploration Days.  Our new Speakers in Schools program brings the industry into classrooms by connecting volunteer speakers with host schools. Industry professionals and academics share with students their experiences in the life sciences and the passion they bring to their work. 

How do Speakers in Schools events work?

Designed to go beyond the typical career day events, Speakers in School events will give students a chance to engage with speakers and to gain insights and advice from individuals who are shaping the future of the field.  The event itself is typically one class period (50 minutes long). A speaker should be prepared to:

  • Provide a brief presentation on what they do in the field, for what organization, and how that organization aspires to positively impact lives,
  • Discuss the life sciences in general and share their own experiences within the field,
  • Reflect on their personal journey and how they got to where they are today,
  • Allow ample time for questions from students,
  • Provide a demonstration or activity, if possible.

BioTeach has been active in Massachusetts public schools for many years. Using our experience, we work with the host school and industry volunteers to help ensure the best possible experience for student and volunteer alike.  

Before a speaker visits the school, students in the host class will: watch a short Introduction to Life Sciences video produced by MassBioEd, read the speaker’s biography and complete a pre-event worksheet

BioTeach will work with industry volunteers to prepare them for a school visit. Each volunteer will share a draft of his/her presentation with the BioTeach team prior to their first visit. We will work with the volunteers to fine-tune presentations and share our classroom insights for making their visit a rewarding experience.  

How do speakers get matched with schools?

Interested high school teachers complete a simple online application on the MassBioEd website. Through this application we learn about the student audience and teacher’s goals and expectations for the day.  We use this information to match each speaker with an appropriate class based upon mutual interests, availability and school proximity. BioTeach will act as a liaison between the volunteer and the school to prepare both the students and the speaker to help ensure the best possible results.

The commitment:

As this is the first full year of this program, we are looking to onboard a limited number of dynamic speakers. We ask that each volunteer commit to visiting at least two schools on their choice of dates. If you are interested in volunteering as a speaker or would like to nominate a speaker from your organization, please complete the short statement of interest below or contact Andre.Williams@massbio.org.


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