BioTeach Equipment Grant Program (2017-2018)

MassBioEd offers an Equipment Grant Program specifically for teachers that attend 1 or more BioTeach workshops during the 2017-2018 academic year. All BioTeach workshops are listed here. This program will provide public high school teachers in the New England area with a grant to be used for equipment or lab consumables that support life sciences laboratory activities. The equipment and reagents must be used to implement a specific BioTeach or related laboratory or activity that provides students with an authentic, hands-on science experience. To the extent possible, the lab or activity should be new to the target students and highlight biotechnology tools and techniques. Relevant labs and activities can be found on the curriculum page.

All applications will be evaluated based upon the following criteria.

  • The school/teacher involvement in workshops: How many BioTeach workshops has the teacher or teaching team attended in the last three years? How many life sciences teachers from your school have participated in BioTeach workshops? What percentage of the life sciences faculty at your school does this represent?
  • The proposed activities or laboratories: Are they clearly described and relevant to life sciences? Are the activities and programs robust and valuable to the target students? What school-wide impact will these activities or labs have?
  • The target students: Which class or classes will benefit from the grant and how many students are enrolled in each class listed?
  • The cost-to-benefit ratio:  What is the total number of students that will be impacted in 2017/2018 by the equipment and supplies purchased? How often will the equipment and supplies be used during the 2017/2018 academic year? Will the proposed labs and activities be carried into future years? Is the request economical? What equipment and other resources are currently available to support the proposed activities or laboratories?
  • Teacher Preparation: How experienced in the proposed techniques are the applicants and their colleagues? What relevant experience (workshops or trainings) have the applicants participated in over the past three years? What relevant workshops or trainings are the applicants scheduled to attend to support the implementation of the proposed labs and programs?
  • Administrative support: Has the administration willingly released (or, is the administration willing to release) the applicants and their colleagues from classroom duties in order to attend laboratory-specific training Will the administration support student experiential learning opportunities?

For your proposal to be evaluated, you must complete this online application and upload a protocol or detailed description of your proposed lab(s) and activities. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding how the equipment and/or lab consumables will be used, the number of different classes, and the number of students that will have access to the equipment.  Please also indicate what equipment and supplies are currently available to you through your school or district.

You will be prompted to upload the protocol at the end of the online application.

The BioTeach equipment grant program for 2017/2018 accepts applications on a rolling basis. 

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