2016/2017 BioTeach Training and Equipment Grant

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MassBioEd, through support of our funding partners, is offering support to Massachusetts Public High School teachers and their schools through the 2016/2017 BioTeach Training and Equipment Grant. This program will provide teachers and their schools with lab-based training and a one-time grant of up to $12,000 to be used for equipment or lab consumables that support life sciences-related laboratory activities. The equipment and reagents must be used to implement laboratory activities that provide students with an authentic, hands-on science experience. The lab activities should be new to your students, expand your life sciences curricula,  and incorporate biotechnology tools and techniques that increase student enthusiasm for life sciences.

To be considered, answer each question on the application as completely as possible. Clearly articulate the specific labs, activities or programs for which equipment is requested and provide appropriate protocols.

The applications will be evaluated on the following criteria.

  • The proposed activities or programs: Are they clearly described, with clear protocols provided. Are the activities and programs robust and valuable to the target students? What school-wide impact will these activities or programs have?
  • The target audience: Which class or classes will benefit from the grant and how many students will be impacted?
  • The cost-to-benefit ratio:  How many teachers will have access to the equipment and how often will the equipment be used during the 2016/2017 academic year or in future years?
  • School need: What is the percentage of families in poverty within the school district? Has the school benefited from recent public or private grants? If so, list the grants and amounts received.
  • Preparation: How experienced in the proposed techniques are the applicants and colleagues? What relevant experience (workshops or trainings) have the applicants participated in over the past three years? What relevant workshops or trainings are the applicants scheduled to attend to support implementation of the proposed labs and programs?
  • Administrative support: Has the administration agreed to release the applicants and their colleagues from classroom duties in order to attend required BioTeach trainings and mentoring days?  Will the administration support student experiential learning opportunities?
  • Scalability and sustainability: Is there a plan and available funds to sustain the proposed activities in following years?  Is there school, community, or other support avalable to augment the MassBioEd funds? Will this grant support the implementation of a new course or module in the school?

Please also download and complete the Participant and Principal Agreement. Scan the completed and signed form and upload with your online application.  

You will be prompted to upload both the Protocol and Principal forms at the end of the online application.

Applications for the BioTeach equipment and training grant program are due before 5:00 PM on May 16th, 2016.  Awardees will be notified on or before June 7th, 2016.


The deadline for applications has past. Please continue to check our site for the 2016/2017 SPOT grant program. Anticipated opening October 2016


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