MLSEC Endorsement Criteria

All MLSEC Endorsed Programs have met these three criteria:

1. Programs are able to demonstrate that students completing required courses have achieved the agreed upon core competencies.

2. Programs are clearly identified as focused on the knowledge and skills required for entry level work in research and/or manufacturing settings.

3. Programs are able to demonstrate that certificate credits are readily absorbed into the associate degree.

Gold Level Programs have also established internship or cooperative experience as an integral component.


Community College programs (certificate or degree) interested in receiving the MLSEC endorsement must:

  • Complete an Endorsement Application
  • Provide program documentation showing course requirements
  • Provide course mapping of the competencies demonstrating which courses include instruction in each of the competencies
  • Describe the college’s learning outcome assessment process as applied to degree programs and/or certificates. Provide documentation of that process to the degree or certificate
  • Provide advisory board membership information
  • Describe the internship requirement and provide an internship placement history if seeking gold level endorsement

Approved programs will receive endorsement for a period of three (3) academic years.

Programs failing to receive endorsement may reapply once per academic year.


Two levels of endorsement are available:


MLSEC will:

  • Assist institutions with developing an internship program
  • Develop marketing material to support industry endorsed programs
  • Develop systems to track industry demand for entry level positions