Exploring Antibiotic Resistance using Gel Electrophoresis

Overview:  In this lab students will learn about the rapid spread of antibiotic resistance and will take on the role of doctor to determine which antibiotic they should prescribe to a fictional family. They will use agarose gel electrophoresis to separate PCR products and compare the bands on the gel to a DNA ladder in order to determine if each bacteria sample has the gene(s) for antibiotic resistance.

Curriculum Connections:  bacteria, antibiotic resistance, evolution, DNA structure, gel electrophoresis

Experimental Timing: From start to finish this lab can be completed in a single 45-50 minute class period. For additional information, see "Instructor Planning Guide" in the Teacher Materials.

Specialized Equipment Required: p20 micropipettes  gel electrophoresis units with power supplies (as written, each student group will run 4 samples plus a ladder) • UV or blue light source  p200 and p1000 micropipettes (Teacher prep only)

·       bacteria, antibiotic resistance, evolution, electrophoresis