Redesigning Bacteria: Bacterial Transformation

Overview: In this lab students will perform a basic bacterial transformation using pUC19 plasmid (see Instructor Preparation Guide for alternative plasmids).  Transformation will be confirmed by ampicillin resistance on LB plates.

Curriculum Connections:  bacteria, heredity, antibiotic resistance, recombinant DNA, bacterial transformation**Aligned with AP Biology Investigation 8 Bacterial Transformation

Experimental Timing:  This lab can be completed in two 45-50 class periods - one period to transform bacteria and one period to view and analyze results.  Plates must be incubated for 24 hours (at 37 °C) or 48 hours (at room temperature) before results can be seen.  For additional information, see "Instructor Planning Guide" in the Teacher Materials.

 Specialized Equipment Required: water bath • p20, p200, p1000 micropipettes (optional)