Mission (Im)Possible: Plasmid Mapping

Overview:  In this advanced lab, students will design and run a restriction enzyme digest to identify two unknown plasmids based on plasmid maps provided.

Curriculum Connections:  enzymes, DNA structure, DNA function, plasmid mapping, restriction enzyme analysis, gel electrophoresis

Experimental Timing: From start to finish this lab takes 90-120 minutes. However, there are many good stopping points in this protocol that make it possible to complete the lab in a series of 45-50 minute periods.  For additional information, see "Instructor Planning Guide" in the Teacher Materials.

Specialized Equipment Required:  p20 micropipettes • water bath or incubator • gel electrohoresis units with power supplies (each student group will run 4 samples plus a ladder) • UV or blue light source • centrifuge (optional)