School Programs, Grants & Awards

MassBioEd’s BioTeach program provides a variety of funding and equipment access opportunities to support high school teachers across the region.

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MassBioEd can only provide a limited number of grants and awards each year, but BioTeach workshops are available to all teachers.

Aligned Curricular and Career Experiences in Secondary Science Program

In collaboration with Science from Scientists (SfS), BioTeach has created a unique professional development opportunity for middle and high school teachers. The Aligned Curricular and Career Experiences in Secondary Science (ACCESS) program brings teachers, administrators and scientists together to provide teachers with vertically aligned, hands-on life science lab sequences and career experiences for students in grades 6-10. Lab sequences cover topics such as biochemistry, photosynthesis, or genetics and include separate lesson plans and activities for middle school and high school audiences that introduce and then later build upon key concepts and lab techniques. ACCESS hosts workshops for teams of middle and high school teachers to learn and practice the lab sequences of their choice; provides access to the materials, equipment, and reagents; and supports teachers in the classroom when they go to implement the labs for the first time.

To highlight the real-world application of these lab sequences, college and career experiences for students are coordinated by the ACCESS administration team (staff each from BioTeach and SfS). These experiences include in-school presentations from science professionals or field trips to relevant companies or college campuses.

Together, middle school and high school teachers, school administrators, scientists, and the ACCESS administration team form a Community of Practice that meets throughout the year to implement the lab sequences and select aligned college and career experiences. This Community of Practice allows relevant teams to support students by teaching skills and concepts in a student-centered way over the course of several years, increasing interest and promoting confidence in doing life science.

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BioTeach TOTE Lending Program

The BioTeach Take Out Training and Equipment (TOTE) Program is a lending program designed for smaller schools and for schools that are just beginning to establish biotechnology lab curriculum. As part of this lending program, a BioTeach Instructor provides remote support to partner schools. TOTE provides teachers with the equipment needed for biotechnology-based labs such as micropipettes, gel electrophoresis equipment and consumables, balances, microcentrofuges, and PCR equipment.

In addition, we also lend the MIT Edgerton model sets for DNA and protein.

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BioTeach Training & Equipment Grant Program

MassBioEd offers support to regional public high school teachers and their schools through the BioTeach Training & Equipment Grant Program.

This program provides teachers and their schools with lab-based training, in-school mentoring, and customized grant funding to be used for equipment or lab consumables that support life sciences-related laboratory activities. In addition to funding, partner schools will also receive up to two days of on-site personalized mentorship from a BioTeach Instructor.

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Joshua Boger Innovative School of the Year

MassBioEd established the Innovative School of the Year Award in 2009 to recognize a BioTeach high school that distinguished itself through exemplary educational programming in the life sciences. Schools are evaluated on the depth and breadth of science educational programs, the effective application of the BioTeach curriculum, and for innovative biotechnology education and career programming to foster curiosity and inspire student interest in life sciences careers. Recipient schools receive $5,000 to purchase equipment and supplies for life sciences education programs. The award is supported by a generous gift provided by the Boger Family Foundation.

In 2012, the Innovative School of the Year Award was named in honor of Joshua Boger, Ph.D. to recognize his sustained commitment to excellence in science education. Dr. Boger, the founder of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, was a pioneer in the region's industry and is recognized as a champion for science education. 

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Champions for Biotechnology Education Awards

The Champions for Biotechnology Education Awards Reception, established in 2016, is designed to celebrate teachers, companies, and industry professionals who are champions of biotechnology education in New England.

Awardees are chosen based on their support of, and contributions to, biotechnology-related educational programming in our public schools and advocacy for workforce development. Awardees are recognized at our annual Champions Reception in the fall each year.

The teacher awardee receives a $2,500 grant funded by the Henri A. Termeer Foundation that can be used to purchase equipment and supplies for life sciences education programs.

To learn more about becoming a Champion for Biotechnology Education, email 

Henri A. Termeer Student Scholarship

In celebration of Henri A. Termeer’s commitment to scientific discovery and mentorship of aspiring and accomplished scientists, the Henri A. Termeer Student Scholarship program, established in 2020, recognizes one outstanding student who plans to enroll in an eligible 4-year life sciences undergraduate program.

Prospective candidates for this award must possess an academic record marked by a commitment to excellence and a demonstrated interest in the life sciences and biotechnology, with aspirations for a future career in the life sciences.

If selected as a recipient, the students will receive a $2,500 scholarship.

Learn more about the Henri A. Termeer Student Science Award and apply here.