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Why pursue the life sciences?students

The life sciences include  numerous fields science, all of which focus on the scientific study of living organisms - plants, animals and human beings. Attaining a degree in the life sciences can lead to career opportunities that are ultimatley about researching, developing and manufacturing useful products that can help improve the human condition.

Life Sciences Stats:

  • In Massachusetts, employment in the biopharmaceutical industry, a major part of the region's life sciences industry, grew by 38% in the decade ending in 2016.
  • In 2016 alone, the number of job listings in biopharma increased by 6.1%.
  • In its 2016 Job Trends Forecast, MassBioEd estimates that 11,600 additional jobs in the industry will need to be filled by May of 2022.
  • Salaries in the life sciences in Massachusetts are about 50% higher than the statewide average salary.